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Clinic medical psychology,
social safety, physical and menta
preparation for the army, the resolution
of social and military conflicts

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For over 10 years Dorian Mayzel fulfills its mission through the ministry of the Fatherland and everyone

UNOSS - An organization that operates in Russia, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
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2013-01-30 Day and night in his thoughts and dreams live in me always, my friend. When you are at war, my heart and soul in a strange land are with you, And I'm sad that it is not given to me to be with you there in the trenches, to protect you. I want, when I dove your mail does not work, that the crows did not bang on my window   Please, my friend, come back in the light of dawn, that at sunset we drink a glass to the bottom. How do you want me to be in your arms, now and forever! I want us to whisper sweet words to each other; Want more your army doctor found no injury at you;   I want to you to fulfill the dream lofty ideal; I wish to God to beg forgiveness for the sins of thy I want you with me forget all the wars and remembered me and my home! I want to you to pray in cathedrals of the world and let go of the pain of losing it the previous years;   I want to pray for your enemies on the battlefield, To your left their shadows on the ground. I want to pray for yours and their homeland, that protects us. And Homeland call to the last hour. I want to live with you next, when above us wind and cold.   When all the blooms in spring and in the fall will fall foliage And the night, like a vulture, and a day, as a dove of peace, will be held, as a dream for us. I want, when you catch up with the remaining memory of the death of friends on the battlefield, And the ancient «Momento Mori» would not frighten you as the embodiment of evil.   To you, my dear friend knew and believed that everything goes. And shatter the morning. I want, when one day grow old with you We were one, in all and for all, oh, my dear, how do we know? The fate of this, its not bribe you, do not sell.   She can only obey or die now ... I tell you, my friend, until we are united with you, that you are not afraid Evil and Hades, and only you - and me. We will know from you, as we avoid all the vicissitudes of fate.   My friend, come into my arms, to know your soul I'm ready; And do not give your heart to be torn vultures that are circling in the sky. Let me comfort, as a friend, in the morning and at night become Scheherazade for you. I want to see you once in black and white, kneeling in front of me   And then you say to me, "Honey, you become my life forever, To celebrate the joys and sorrows. We will go with you together on the ferry, Where we will take with us a raft of love.   And on this side of you, I, my dear, I swear by all the wars leave behind. You give me your hand, darling, and only happiness lies ahead. Come with me, I'll show you where down over our shining star. And you will not be alone with me never, never. "   "Kiss me, my dear, and I'm forever - yours! And go to the rays of dawn to drink the cup to the dregs. There, in my native land with thee we build a new house, Where at night will dream garden, stream, field and maple.   Well, and if I had to you from previous years will be memories And, as a raven, flying anguish You, my dear, do not be sad, better hold, I sweet words lulled you. " Dorian Meisel

Mail to a friend and soldier

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2009-10-31   All of us to live in peace and harmony must be understood that there is one God, and there is no difference what religion we profess, whether Christianity, Islam, Judaism or any other religion. Religion - that is no reason for a confrontation, and the opportunity to see the world from the point of view of different cultures and historical events that formed the basis of the scriptures of all religions of the world. Dorian Meisel.

Interfaith tolerance

All of us to live in peace and harmony must be understood that there is one God, and there is no difference what religio...

2009-10-31 "We do not need guns and bombs. To defeat evil, we need love and compassion. All the labor of love - it works for the good of the world." "Let us thank God for the opportunity he gave us today to come here and pray together. We came here especially to pray for peace, joy and love. We remember that Jesus came to bring good news to the poor. He told us that it is good news when He said, "My peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you." He came to the world, not in order that we do not bother each other. He came to give peace of heart which comes from love, from our good friend ... Not enough for us just to say, "I love God," but I also have to love my neighbor. St. John says that you're lying, if you say you love God but do not love your neighbor. How can you love God whom you do not see, if you do not love your neighbor whom you see, touch, with whom you live? And it is very important to understand that true love should not hurt. I shall endeavor not to harm other people, and to do good to them. This is required, but not evil. Otherwise, there is no true love in me and I am not around the world, and injustice. " Mother Teresa used to say the morning prayer service at the National in Washington, February 5, 1994. Let us honor and remember those great words. When we fill love and respect for each other, when we follow the commandments that Jesus commanded us, for us, there would be nothing easier than to share good things with our neighbors and the region and on the world map ...

Mother Teresa said:

We do not need guns and bombs. To defeat evil, we need love and compassion. All the labor of love - it works for the goo...

2009-10-31 The beginning of wisdom - the way it Beginning of the world - talks Home health - peace of mind Home treatment - human desire Home Happiness - kindness Dorian Meisel

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