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United National Organization of Social Safety

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History of Development

Organized by the Centre of Medical Psychology at the end of the 1990s in Russia, was a challenge. Even more difficult if it becomes relevant and vital goal for ordinary nurse from ordinary municipal clinics.

Goal - to create such an organization, arose from the urgent need to provide assistance to women and children victims of violence. The activities of the nurse Meisel began with Dorian Semyonovna help people who were living on the site, which she oversaw.

By that time, Russia has remained a family of Chechen Republic. Many families had children who needed help - they have developed PTSD as a consequence of the conflict.

Moral values and professional ethics trumped economic problems to create the center.

Today, decades later, when Ms. Meisel tells the story of the organization and the way of professional development, there is no doubt that the results achieved are more dependent on the head of the organization. Her charisma and love of people see and understand the child and the sage.

Thus, at the beginning of 2000, the organization begins the path length in decades.

2000 Registration and Start: Tomsk Regional Public Charitable Organization for abused children, "Teresa."

2000 Launch of medical psychology.

2001 Rehabilitation of the orphans at the Moscow Center of social adaptation of the Kursk's home.

Targeted internal research, diagnosis and rehabilitation of children who have experienced post-traumatic stress syndrome, and in the territory of war, ethnic and religious conflicts.

2002 Studies are victims, survivors of acts of aggression and violence.
"Teresa" to become a member of the community initiatives in the regional Duma.

The organization, one of the first in Russia, public enters into a dialogue with MPs, officials, media and the public through the states of the relevance of the adoption of the law "On the Rights of the Child", says the role of community and social responsibility for the safety of children in Russia.

2002 Effective cooperation with the municipal administration Molchanovskoye district of Tomsk region.
Head of the organization, "Teresa" carries out the mission - hold trilateral talks on gasification area.
Participants in the negotiations:
- The district administration
- Political representatives of the people
- Management of a commercial organization providing their services for the gasification
Initiates, creates and unites the working group to resolve disagreements on 3 sides.
Personal honorarium of negotiations aimed at the rehabilitation of child victims of violence.

2003 held in Moscow the founding conference of non-governmental organizations working on behalf of children, which was established All-Russian Union of Public Associations "Civil society - the children of Russia." Representative of the Union for the West Siberian region of Tomsk has been appointed Head of the organization "Teresa"

First implemented in 2004 a social project with a religious figure and a priest of the Lutheran Church. Paul (Levushkan). TV Live Support - "Dialogue as a means of preventing violence and aggression against women and children." The project was a living proof of religious tolerance.

2005 Start of cooperation and social partnership with the Department of Education. Work with schools.

2006 Co-operation with schools, regions of Russia, experts. Conducted research in the following areas: aggression, violence in society, the social processes that affect aggressive behavior.

2007 - 2010 years. Studies have been conducted in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region. Studies in Tuva (Eastern Siberia).

2011 - 2013 years. Being reorganized. Implement new methods and technologies. New branches and representative offices in Russia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


At present, the company UNOSS conducting research on the following topics (directions) of medical psychology:

Deontological and ethical issues of a psychologist in clinical psychology;

Interdisciplinary approach to the study of the etiology of mental disorders;

The role of individual therapies in the personal intervention of diseases and behavioral spectrum of different treatment groups;

Methodological aspects of research in psychosomatic disorders;

Diagnostic criteria and methods for the diagnosis of mental disorders and personality patopsihologicheskih states within an interdisciplinary approach;

Psychological features of professional identity and individual style of clinical psychologist in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders of the spectrum;

The application of these research patopsihologicheskih psychoprophylaxis, psychotherapy, psychological treatment, counseling, examination;

Genesis, structure and function of psychosomatic phenomena during ontogenetic development and in various forms of physical and mental diseases - Symptoms and psychosomatic syndromes;

Psychosomatic disorders in the structure of various diseases;

Formation, structure and functioning of the internal picture of the disease (PSC) as a secondary symptom in different diseases;

Personal predisposition as a risk factor for physical illness;

Personality changes and abnormalities in patients suffering from chronic diseases.


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